Crocosaurus Cove offers visitors the chance to hold many of the reptiles that call the Northern Territory home.

In the Reptile House, explore the 70+ species of Australian reptiles and learn more about them throughout the day during our hands on shows.

Shows held in the Reptile House allow visitors the chance to take photos holding the different species that have been used throughout the presentation. Our passionate reptile handlers are there to help you feel comfortable with these amazing up close experiences, so don’t be shy!

Our photography studio in the World of Crocs is set up to take amazing animal encounter photos.

Hold a baby crocodile and smile for the camera! Our animal encounter reptile photos start from $25.95

You can hold a baby crocodile at no charge, however be sure to check out your photos as they are a great memento our your experience!

Your entry ticket to Crocosaurus Cove gives you the chance to get hands on with our scaly critters at no additional cost, so make the most of it and explore all of the shows on offer.