Reptile House

Crocosaurus Cove presents the World’s largest display of Australian Reptiles, with over 70 species of reptiles on display in your reptile enclosure.

Most reptiles on display are from the Northern Territory’s Top End and Kimberley region, however be sure to check out our new Desert region which is home to a range of species found in Australia’s Red Centre.

A reptile can be described as a vertebrate (ie has a backbone) that derives it’s body temperature from an external source, such as the sun. It’s body is covered in skin from which grow scales. Some scales are very difficult to see as found on geckos, while other reptiles have modified scales that create a suit of armour or plating as seen in turtles.

Get up close to some of these amazing critters in our Meet the Reptile show & learn more about what they like for lunch during our Reptile Feeding show.

Our Reptile Team are always on hand to assist with questions so don’t be shy!

Show Times

10.00am 12.30pm 4.00pm

Explore the Reptile House


Big Croc Feed Show

Starting with our Bite Force demonstration, witness the force behind the jaws of a crocodile as our purpose built machine makes a meal out of a solid block of ice!

Go on to be introduced to some of the World’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles and be educated on their amazing ability to survive, their feeding habits and how they have remained relatively unchanged for over 200 million years.

Get to know some of our famous inhabitants such as Burt, the star of movie, Crocodile Dundee.

Don’t forget to say hello to our resident couple, William & Kate, while Chopper has the scars of battle to prove his reputation as one of the most feared Saltwater crocs in the Northern Territory.

Show Times

11.30am 2.30pm

Swim with crocs

Jump in & cool down in our unique swimming pool that lets you get up close to our energetic juvenile crocodiles, safely of course!

Pose for Mum & Dad for great photo opportunities…your friends will think you’re actually swimming with the crocs!

So, bring your bathers and jump in!

Open All Day

Fishing for Crocs

Want to get up close to our energetic juvenile crocodiles?

You can, on our Fishing for Crocs platform. Surround yourself with almost 100 juvenile (2-3 year old) saltwater crocodiles that are hungry for the juicy snack that is being dangled at the end of your fishing line. See how these crocodiles hunt in the wild by bringing their entire body length out of the water to catch prey such as bats and birds.

Great fun for the entire family & a photo opportunity not to be missed.

Be sure to experience this great activity after the Big Croc Feed Shows.

Show Times

11.30pm 2.30pm 4.30pm

Hold a Baby Croc

Aren’t they cute! Here’s your chance to hold a baby croc. Check out their scales & webbed feet, and marvel at these amazing prehistoric creatures.

Our on-site photographers will take your snaps & turn them into prints or put them onto a disk for you to enjoy. A great memento from your time at Crocosaurus Cove & the Top End.

All purchased photos also appear each week on our facebook page Crocosaurus Cove Darwin!

Open Times

9.30am – 5.00pm daily

(Please note that the studio is closed during the Big Croc Feed Shows)

Freshwater Aquarium

Check out our amazing 200,000 litre freshwater aquarium. Modeled on a typical river system in the Top End, our aquarium is home to many different fish species.

The Whipray is the freshwater cousin to the Stingray – see these amazing creatures glide through the water and learn more about them at our daily aquarium feeding show.

No Top End attraction would be complete without the famous Barramundi!

One of the most famous inhabitants alongside the Saltwater Crocodile in the rivers in Australia’s Top End. Unfortunately we can’t let you throw a line to catch one of these beauties!

Don’t miss our aquarium feeding show to see the famous Archer Fish in action. It has to be seen to be believed!

Show Times:

11.00am 3.30pm

World of Crocs

Ever wondered how many Crocodilian species there are around the world?

What is the difference between an Alligator and a Crocodile?

The World of Crocs has 14 different Crocodilian wax replicas, all in air-conditioned comfort, on display. Check out the model examples of Australia’s Saltwater & Freshwater Crocodiles as well as interesting & unusual species such as the Indian Garhial and the Dwarf Crocodile!

While checking out the crocodile replicas, don’t forget to see the real thing and hold a baby croc!

Open All Day

Turtle Billabong

Meet some of the Top End’s cutest inhabitants at our upstairs Turtle Billabong.

Species such as Red & Yellow Face Turtles, Snapping Turtles and the gorgeous Pig Nosed Turtles are all found in the Top End’s river systems.

How many species will you be able to find?

Show Times